Atelier Patron De Couture

About Us

For me, fashion is a therapy, a hobby and a great way to express your creativity. When I use my hands to create, I enjoy myself and I am convinced that it is a good way to escape and relax. So, I really want you to experience the benefits of fashion, and to do that, I created  Design and Granita  !
I would like to share with you my passion and my love for fashion because it occupies a very big place in my life, and since I have the chance to live this passion every day, I decided to create this blog for continue to talk to as many people as possible and share my know-how and my 20 years of experience in fashion to help you.
I have noticed that more and more people want to stand out in the way they dress and get rid of the uniformity of clothing, without achieving it on their own. The way we dress is only a reflection of our personality and has a tremendous impact on our perception of ourselves and others. Many are convinced that sewing is not at their fingertips so on this blog, in addition to talking about fashion, we will also talk about sewing and pattern to help you customize and assert your own style. You will see that you will become the queens of Do It Yourself!
My main goal is to awaken in you the desire to be different, and you will see that we will get there!